BIDS FOR THE SWIMMING POOL AND POOL HOUSE CONSTRUCTION WILL BE OPENED on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at the Delhi Town Board meeting. This brings our pool project one step closer to having a swimming pool in our community. Please attend to participate in this event. The opinions of our community matter. Share your thoughts with any Pool Committee member.

Pool Project Goes Out To Bid

Dreams do come true!

On October 14th, the pool project went out to bid. This brings our community’s
dream of having a pool one step closer to being a reality! The greater Delhi area can
once again ride, walk or pedal to join friends and families at a new swimming pool. That
means a long summer season of great exercise and more opportunities to socialize and
have fun.

In August, the Department of Health approved the engineering documents for the
project. This is a required step before the swimming pool project can move forward.
They examined the pool structure, its design and gradient, the inclusion of required
safety features and the bathroom facilities. They examined the pool house pump room
design and the electrical and plumbing specifications. After their stringent review, they
gave the project the go ahead.

As with all phases of this project, the next step was to submit these documents to
the NYS Department of Parks and Historic Preservation for their continued review. This
is necessary to assure access to the $200,000 grant awarded back in 2009. Their
approval came on September 20th. Then the bid package was prepared and submitted
to them. With little delay, they granted their approval to go out to bid.
The bid notice can be found in the October 16th publication of the Walton Reporter,
as well as, on the Town of Delhi website
Bids are due at the Delhi Town Hall by 3pm on November 14, 2017. Within the Town of
Delhi website are the pool and pool house designs for those who are just interested in
what this facility will look like.

This past summer was particularly frustrating for people. Many people voiced their
disappointment and anger that this community had to wait 13 years for a swimming
pool, that all those promises, fundraisers and donations had gone to waste. It was a

New Engineer-New Pool Design

With a new pool design engineer on board, the Pool Committee will likely break ground for the new community swimming pool in late Fall or early 2017.This past March, Rod Prosser, Lakeside Engineering PC, Rochester, NY, was awarded the bid. Prosser has met several times with committee members to develop a new, less elaborate pool design which would still meet the community needs and stay within budget. The committee ​had​ to abandon a 2006 pool design after bids came in exceeding the 1.2 million the committee had raised. Giving up was not an option. The support within the greater Delhi community and well beyond​,​ along with the grants and help from our elected officials​,​made it clear that for this project to stay afloat, ​a new, fresh approach was necessary. ​Wilbur S. Oles’ vision, his dedication and business sense that helped raise most of the 1.2 million for a new swimming pool was not going to be ignored nor abandoned.

Much of the progress can be attributed to Eric Robert, a member of our community with an expertise in Contract, Materials and Construction Management. He has been invaluable in reviewing bid packages, researching and checking references and offering engineering advice which has helped the committee proceed confidently. He has agreed to continue to be actively involved in this project. The Pool Committee and the Town of Delhi couldn't be happier and more grateful.

After many reviews, the design plans are ready to be submitted to the NYS Department of Health and the NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for approval. Their input is a necessary and integral part of the process. They bring assurances that we have a safe, high quality recreational environment for all to enjoy. These steps take time, but they are important and appreciated. Once these agencies do their reviews, the project will be ready to go out to bid.

So, it is full steam ahead. No hesitation..... No wavering.... No ifs, ands or buts. This swimming pool is going to be built!

Chlorine VS Salt Water

The Pool Committee had been keeping their eyes on the possibility of going with a salt water facility rather than chlorine as far back as 2008. Recently after contracting with Lakeside Engineering PC, the committee revisited this by doing a cost/mechanical analysis of chlorine versus salt water. The committee found the comparison to show clear advantages for having a salt water pool. ​Salt water​ reduces the annual cost of operation significantly and offers more stability and safety within and around ​the pool, all which benefit the ​swimmers.The committee voted unanimously to go with a salt water facility.

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